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Your financial well-being is our priority, and we are dedicated to restoring balance and peace of mind. Choose S7 Recovery for a seamless journey towards financial recovery.

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S7 Recovery Sdn Bhd

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S7 Recovery Sdn Bhd (202201022225, 1467922-W) previously known as SRI AP Enterprise (003456067-V) was founded by Mr. Sri in the year 2015 and operated under KDN for five years. In the year 2020, we received our official license from Ministry of Finance Malaysia for debt collection and services related to it.


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The Numbers Reflect Our Reputation.

Efficient problem-solving, insightful market analysis, and actionable plans made the consulting invaluable to our business's success.

10+ years

We’ve experience more than 10+ years with success.

$ 1.3mil+

We achieve lot for our work from top certified agency.


We’ve more than happy 10000+ client all over the world.


The Numbers Reflect Our Reputation.

We're here to help you recover your wealth.

Expert Advisor

15 years of experience in this debt recovery industry

Highly Skilled

With more than 1000 cases supported

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Contact us anytime for your debt recovery.

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Debt collection companies work legally according to the act of Malaysian law while loan sharks are collectors who work using illegal and unethical ways to somehow collect debt. A debt collector might be hired by someone who had loaned money out in order to recover the loans while loan sharks is a lender, and charges ridiculous rate.

Once knowing full details on the case, the next step involves documentation process which we strongly implement that only legal procedures are involved, and finally setting up a meeting with the third party for a conclusion as per clients requirement (do contact us for more detailed info)

Yes we do!! We have a strong portfolio indicating that we have successfully accomplished cases that are months old or even few years old. Usually these cases would have nearly zero chances to collect but we do!! Depending on the amount of documentation and proof of evidence provided by client.

Our Company has an astonishing success rate of 95% in dealt cases and 75% success rate in elevation from consultation to dealing cases.

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